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Student viewing options in the dining center

Photo by Craig Chandler, University Communication

Due to internal process and server changes, the menus found at menu.unl.edu no longer display up-to-date items/offerings. Please check back as we continue to update our items.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Anyone with a Big Red 18/200, Platinum 14/600, Diamond 12/1000, or Sapphire 10/1400 meal plan gets up to three (3) meal plan swipes per meal period.

Students with a Gold 250/1000, Silver 150/1000, or Bronze 100/500 meal plan get up to five (5) meal plan swipes per meal period. Swipes can be used in any combination at any dining center, Herbie's Market in the form of a meal exchange, or Husker Heroes as a meal exchange via the Transact mobile ordering app.