Dining Dollars

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Dining Dollars

Students eat their sandwiches at Husker Heroes at Abel

You can think of Dining Dollars like dollars on a debit card. One Dining Dollar is equivalent to a dollar. Any student can have a Dining Dollar account, regardless if they do or do not have a meal plan.

Dining Dollars give you the flexibility to purchase items in the dining centers, Husker Heroes, Herbie's Markets, and Tazza coffee shop. You present your NCard at the register and, if you opt to use Dining Dollars for your purchase, the total of the items purchased count toward your Dining Dollars.

To use Dining Dollars at the Abel Dining Center, the Selleck Food Court, and with Nebraska Union food vendors, you need to download the Transact mobile ordering app, make a purchase, select Dining Dollars on checkout, and show the in-app receipt QR code when you go to pick up your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dining Dollar

What's the difference between meal swipes and Dining Dollars?

A meal swipe outside of an all-you-care-to-eat dining center is a cash equivalency, one swipe has a value of $9.00. You do not get change back on a meal swipe when used outside of an all-you-care-to-eat dining center. Dining Dollars allow you to pay the actual price of an item.

Where can you use Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars are accepted in any of the Herbie’s Markets on campus (Abel, Cather, East Campus, Knoll, Selleck, and Village) as well as any dining center or Husker Heroes location.

If you use Dining Dollars as your form of payment at any of the all-you-care-to-eat dining centers, you will be charged the guest price.

You can also use your Dining Dollars at any Nebraska Union food vendor through the mobile ordering app.

Can I have Dining Dollars if I don't have a meal plan?

Yes, any student can have a Dining Dollar account.

Can I reload my Dining Dollars?

$100 Dining Dollar reload blocks can be added to any meal plan or as a stand-alone purchase. Multiple Dining Dollar reload blocks can be purchased. Reload Dining Dollars in the housing portal on MyRED.

Where can I see how many Dining Dollars I have on my account?

Dining Dollar amount information can be viewed in the housing portal on MyRED.

Do I need to set up anything on my NCard to use Dining Dollars?

If you have a meal plan you should have access to your Dining Dollars when your meal plan becomes active. If you want to add Dining Dollars to your meal plan, you can add them in the housing portal on MyRED.

If you do not have a meal plan, your Dining Dollars will be accessible as soon as you add funds to your Dining Dollar account. You can add funds in the housing portal on MyRED.

Can I use Dining Dollars for non-food items in Herbie's Market?

No. Dining Dollars can only by used for food-related items in Herbie's Market.

What is the difference between using Dining Dollars and charging to my NCard?

A student's meal plan information is connected to their NCard, meaning if a student wishes to use Dining Dollars they must present their NCard to charge their meal plan account. The only exception is at any Nebraska Union food vendor. In order to use Dining Dollars in the Nebraska Union, you must order via the transact mobile ordering app.

This differs from an NCard charge as a student can also use their NCard to charge for items that then appear on the student's centralized bill.














*Via the mobile ordering app.

^Nebraska Union Food Vendor.