Health & Safety
Cattle at the Raikes Beef Co.

Located in Saunders County between Ashland and Mead, NE, this family-owned farm has been operating since 1900. This family farm includes 5,000 acres of crop land and is expected to be completely certified organic by 2026.

A professional agronomist and professional nutritionist monitor the spread of manure and the cattle’s nutritional needs and the retail brand Raikes Beef Company started in May 2017 in Ashland, NE.

Raikes Beef Co. website
They offer American Wagyu and Angus beef
  • American Wagyu – cross between Wagyu and Black Angus cattle that offers a higher amount of omega-3 than regular beef
Raikes Beef Co.
  • Does not use added hormones
  • Only uses medicines under a veterinarian's supervision
  • Minimize stress conditions for the animal
  • Include permanent pasture and cover crop grazing
  • Offer cattle that are grass-fed and grain finished

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