Health & Safety

Ingredients & Nutritional Information

University Dining Services makes every effort to label the menu items being served and identify the ingredients. At times, however, the ingredients of menu items will not be posted, and the possibility also exists that the ingredients and/or nutritional content may vary from what is posted. Manufacturers may change the formulation of the food without our knowledge and accurate nutritional information for certain product(s) may not be available. Any customers concerned about food ingredients should be aware of these risks and proactive about their food choices.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the customer to decide whether to eat certain foods. The University will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed or to items one may come into contact with while eating at a University establishment. For questions regarding the ingredients of the menu items or any other questions about food contents, please consult a member of the dining center's management team at any time. If you believe you may have disability-related food allergies or other dietary needs related to a disability, please contact the Director of Services for Students with Disabilities at (402)472-3787.