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The Platinum 14/600 plan has 14 weekly meal plan swipes that can be used at any dining center; at any Herbie's Market as a meal exchange; or at the Selleck Food Court and Husker Heroes as a meal exchange via the Transact mobile ordering app. Students can use their NCard, or the mobile app if applicable, to scan up to a total of three (3) times per meal period.

This meal plan also has $300 per semester in Dining Dollars which can be used at any dining center, Husker Heroes, or Herbie's Market, as well as specified Nebraska Union food vendors via the Transact mobile ordering app.

Meals Included
Guests, Limits
& Lockouts
Dining Dollars &
Unused Meal Swipes
Plan Price

First-year students living on campus.

Returning students.

Students living off campus.

Students living in a sorority or fraternity.

14 meals per week

$300 Dining Dollars per semester

Up to three (3) meal plan swipes allowed per meal period.

Only one (1) swipe can be used in a Herbie's Market per meal period in the form of a meal exchange.

Students who use their 14 weekly meal plan swipes can use their Dining Dollars until their swipes reload on Sunday morning.

Dining Dollars carry over from fall to spring semester and expire at the end of the spring semester. No refunds.

Unused weekly scans do not carry over from week to week. No refunds.

per academic year