Health & Safety

The health and safety of our students dining on campus is our priority. In consultation with the University Health Center, the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, and university leadership, we've established these procedures to provide students with a positive on-campus experience while abiding by all local, state, and federal health protocols. These plans may change as we continue to monitor and respond to additional recommendations and guidelines from the appropriate authorities.

Updates & Changes

Enhanced Takeout Options

Students may choose to dine in or takeout at dining centers. Mobile food ordering and late-night food options will be available. Students are required to wear face coverings when picking up items.

Reduced seating in dining centers

Zone seating will be in effect with seating capacities reduced by two-thirds. There will be a maximum of six per party at tables. Once seating is full, students will be asked to wait until others exit, and tables can be disinfected and sanitized. Social distancing floor decals will be placed in areas where lines form.

Simplified menu options

Dine in and takeout options will have a simplified selection and will include salads and desserts. Fresh entrees are also available in Herbie's Markets.

Serving stations

Instead of buffet-style options, students will follow a single-direction serving line and receive ample portions of items they select. Students are required to wear face coverings while in line.

Closures for cleaning

Dining centers will close between meal periods for cleaning and disinfecting.

Staff safety procedures

Dining Services staff will wear face coverings and follow Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department protocols.

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Expectations in the
Dining Centers &
Husker Heroes

Wear a facial covering

Facial coverings must be properly worn at all times unless eating. Ask for a plastic/paper bag at the check stand so you have a place to put your facial covering while eating.

Sanitize your hands

Use the available hand sanitizer to sanitize your hands before getting a drink at the beverage stations.

No refills

No beverage refills, get a clean glass for additional beverages. Water bottles cannot be filled at the beverage stations.

No reusable bags

Reusable bags are not permitted in the dining halls.

Physical distancing

Practice physical distancing of at least 6 feet apart while standing in line and eating in the dining hall.

No moving tables or chairs

Do not move dining hall tables and chairs. They are organized so that the spacing complies with Health Dept. regulations.

Menu changes

Menus and services have changed slightly for speed of service and doing our part to keep everyone safe.

Stay home if you're sick

Do not come to the dining hall if you are sick. Ask your roommate or RA to get/fill out a Sick Meal Form at the dining center.

Wheat-free containers

Ask for a wheat-free take-out container if you have celiac disease, gluten intolerance or wheat allergy.

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Expectations in
Herbie's Markets

Facial coverings & physical distancing

Facial coverings and 6 feet physical distancing are required in all Herbie’s Markets and Brewed Awakening.

Disposable face coverings

If Herbie's Market customers forget a facial covering, there are disposable ones for sale for $1.99 plus tax at each store.

Gloved hands or sanitizer

Gloves or hand sanitizer must be used before pushing buttons on the iced coffee, Freal, coffee pot, cappuccino machines and before using the microwave.

Follow the arrows

Please follow the arrows to get around the stores to avoid running into people.

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